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Updated on Jun 09, 2017

hi.. my daughter is 26 month old and her weight is 9kg only. but she is very active. and her weight is constant from last 6 months.. what to do.

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| Jun 09, 2017

That's not an issue. your baby has a good immunity system and her body burns fat faster. in case she was not active then there would have been a matter of concern. make your baby eat while playing.

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| Jun 10, 2017

Hi Anju, I totally agree with Ms. Pandey. Even my son is 2yrs and 8 months and he is swinging between 11 kg. As long as he is active and cheerful soing good mental and physical activities, we shall not bother about weight. Infact my child is choosy eater, still i dont force feed to gain weight. Meal should be pleasure time for kids.

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| Jun 22, 2017

Hi mom's,.. I feel it's time to get strict on it. Saying this I didn't mean beat up your baby. I guess they r not eating coz they r not feeling hunger to eat. Have u seen kids of ur maids, they will end up eating everything you put before them. let ur child feel their hunger. Strictly do not provide any thing till they ask for it. do not feed them milk either. milk hold sufficient amount of sugar and if u give them milk( since they are not eating), the signal reaches the brain that stomach is filled. And this is again making them go from food. Hold your patience and this piece of advice tight and trust science.. it worked for me.. and will work for you as well.

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