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Updated on Nov 12, 2015

My son is 2 year 1 month old,he weights only 9. 8 kgs and 83 Cms height ,he is below 5 th percentile,I try to give him balanced diet but he is fussy eater and he learnt to spit his food very well,he is very intelligent and active,but his weight seems to be major concern as he falls ill every month with fever,cold etc,his paediatric says he is underweight by 2 kgs and prescribed iron and calcium supplements, but no improvement in intake or weight... I am feeling heart broken while seeing child of his age to be well built and in average weight with immunity, can someone help me with ur exp please don't tell me that if he is active weight is not a issue,Its a real issue for me as a mother I can't see him too lean and ppl ask me whether he is 1 year old??

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| Apr 10, 2019

though this post is quite old. but I Want to know whether your baby is alright now? as my baby's current condition is exactly the same as yours.

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| Nov 15, 2015

Hi... try to give him dry fruits , banana etc... try it :)

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