Urgent help for colic pain

Anupriya Singh
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Dec 15, 2015

Hi, my daughter is 1 month old , she didn't pass stool since last two days and she is suffering from severe colic problem not able to sleep ,need advice ,I have already given her colicad but no good result from that tii

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Cyinthia Mendonca

| Dec 16, 2015

Hi Anupriya, Don't worry, I agree with raksha too but homeopathic is gud too. I've given it to my son who's 3 now but wen allopathic does fall extremely heavy for infants. Homeopathic always worked for vedant, my son. Colocyinth works wonders u need to check with d homopathic doctor regarding d potency. Homeopathic doesn't hav side effects. And as ur a new mum, ther r many medicines in homopathic tht will help u till d baby grows older. Read about Homeopathic medicine for infants over d internet. Pellets r sweet n babies don't hav a problem consuming them. As in for ur infant either in one spoon warm water just 1 or 2 drops n use a dropper to give d medicine or u can smash d pellets to powder n give too. Let me knw if it helps. Tc.

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raksha iyer

| Dec 15, 2015

If she is not pooping give her some sugar water my pead told me this... massage her tummy a little... also her rectum area with coconut oil or Vaseline gelly... she will pass stool soon

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