Use of a breast pump.

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Created by Meraj
Updated on Apr 12, 2019

Hello everyone! Please tell me how to use the refrigerated breast milk to feed the baby? I don't have a steriliser. Is it safe to boil breast milk?? Or in first place please let me know if it is safe?? Few days ago someone told me not to use it as it has side effects.

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| Apr 12, 2019

hi meraj ! u can keep the bottle in lukewarm water before feeding. but please do not forget to check temperature of milk on yr hand first. avoid directly heating breastmilk,it will get spoilt.. yes, it's absolutely safe to use refrigerated milk . u could refrigerate braestmilk upto 72 hours.

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| Apr 12, 2019

hi Meraj ! it's completely safe to express milk and store it in the refregerator (not in the freezer pls). now first things first for your baby's safety & hygiene 🚼 1. you need to sterilize the bottle which you use to store milk periodically🍶 2. you could refrigerate the expressed milk and it would be good for 18-24 hrs to give to your baby 3. take it out and let it come to room temperature before you give it to the baby. no 🔥 the breast milk. at best you could keep the milk bottle in a vessel with some warm water and keep the bottle in that vessel to help bring it to room temperature. 4. don't use the milk post 18-24 hrs 5. clean the breast pump regularly and sterilize the stprage bottle after every usage. hope this is helpful. in case you find this advice useful, pls do add me and stay connected. happy to help anytime. take care!

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