Using a Pacifier........ yes/no ??

Neha Taneja

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Oct 19, 2015

Hi , my son is 17 days old. Can i give him a pacifier ???? Please suggest

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Neha Taneja

| Oct 21, 2015

Thanks priya for your response. Yes, my baby is into comfort sucking and i get exausted nursing him continously .

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Priya B s

| Oct 20, 2015

There are lots of pros and cons u have to consider before introducing a pacifier. Read up on it first .. And make an informed decision. Don't let people judge you for it. In some cases babies may have a strong need for sucking onto something and if u keep nursing u will get exhausted and almost be ready to give up breast feeding. In that case a pacifier will be a life saver and u can always make him forget it by 3 months.

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P m

| Oct 19, 2015

Don't give pacifier...

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