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My son is 18 months old and refuse to give up d pacifier.. due to some medical issues we need to stay in hospital for nearly 15 days and we had no other go than using it to calm him.. he is generally a happy baby never cries, growing up accordingly, very inquisitive. I breast fed him till one year, after that he stopped by himself. However I restricts the pacifier, he always want it. He wants it to sleep, and drifts to sleep on his own easily by using it and need my pat rarely . How can I make him to u give up the pacifier. What's the right age to do so?

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| Jul 04, 2015

Kiran- this is the right age to wean him off the pacifier. Seems he's developed a used-to-ness with the pacifier. You will have to go slow at weaning him off and at the same time show persistence and patience.

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| Jul 06, 2015

Kiran, weaning off a pacifier is equivalent to weaning off thumb sucking or breastfeeding. You will need to firm up and just let him cry out. Once he understands a no, is a no, and even if i cry, puke, cough or do whatever, mom will not listen to me, he will understand. You could tell him something like the fairy took it away (or any other cartoon character he loves); distract him when he wants the pacifier by putting something else in his hands to occupy his hands, and as an extreme measure put something that is safe yet distasteful on the pacifier (there is a medicine called femite, which is a liquid applied to children's thumbs to wean them off thumbsucking. it is very safe and i used it with my daughter. u could try that), but more than the baby, in my experience, we need to be firm and not become soft when they cry for it.

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