Using of breastpump

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Created by Shaina
Updated on Feb 08, 2019

.Is breastpump is good for using baby .

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| Feb 08, 2019

hi Shaina Yes you can usr breast pump if your baby is not able to latch or if you want to take a break from longer feeding hours. however, its best to breastfeed your baby as it will develop the bond between you and your baby. Also breast pumps require maintainence and you have to use hygienic contains to store milk at all times. if you plan on using it, use the electric ones. they are more convenient and quick

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| Feb 08, 2019

hi shaina !Breastpump could be used if your baby is not able to latch properly or the mother has some medical issues ,or she needs a break from feeding sessions. in case she is a working mother then also breastpumps come in handy. direct feeding is always better as it leads to breast stimulation thereby, let down of milk and hence more milk production.

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