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Updated on Dec 27, 2013

My son is 4 years old. Whenever i take him to any mall or market he keeps on demanding toys or things that are really expensive. However he has enough of toys at home but every time we visit mall he wants something new. Can anyone please suggest how to teach him the value of money?

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| Dec 28, 2013

Hi U can ask him to save money for himself. Ask him to save on a regular basis. Then while going out u can make him spend from his piggy bank. My kids never spend a penny when it is their money. It makes a difference really. Hope it helps for u also.

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| Dec 27, 2013

Dear Asha! U cud put the message across to ur child before leaving home itself that child cannot demand anything n everything as u r going there with a purpose. N if u contunue wasting money on every toy etc u will be running out of money n won't b able to save money for education, food n health. U cud ask him to weigh what is important spending money on important things or stickers, toys etc. u cud share with yr child the plight of a street child who does not even get to have a square meal. Show him the situation of construction laborers children who live in such conditions n u wud prefer giving money to them rather than spending money on such not so important items. Whenever I am out with my kid I make it a point to show them children begging on streets and children of laborers. When ever she demands anything I tell her the list of things we have to buy n ask her to weigh what is more important. Hope this works with ur child too.

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