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very restless daughter

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Updated on Mar 16, 2017

Hi ,I am a working Mother to a 6 year old girl child and she is very restless. She doesn't want to study at all. U mean it is very much difficult to make her sit still for 5 minutes and let her do her studies. Most of the times she is hyper active. How will I make my daughter sit and study? Also she lacks concentration. How can I improve her concentration?

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| Mar 16, 2017

hi Dipika Barua! I understand your concerns! is this restlessness affecting her day to day life including her performance in school?and also if u get frequent complaints from school regarding disturbing the whole class, and/or inattentiveness and/or speaking out of turn? if yes, u need to seek professional help. at home u can give her a structured environment with clear cut Instructions , rewards and consequences. also minimize distraction at home. if she is very fidgety and doesn't stay put, u need to plan activities which are of shorter duration say 10 to 15 minutes and then give her a break. during the 10 minutes break she could take a round of the house, jump or do what makes her feel better to improve her concentration. also praise her if she is able to sit for even 10 minutes at a stretch. again she could be told what she needs to do in her next 10 to 12 minutes. Dipika children at this age have short attention span and expecting them to sit and study for 1 hour at a stretch is just not going to work out. do consult a psychologist or an expert who could rule out any evident cause for such behavior. hope this helps!

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