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Created by Aparna Shukla
Updated on Jul 20, 2016

My son is around 8 years old. He is interested in animal planet and national geographic. He always talks about animals even in classes. That raises complain from teachers. Also sometime people get irritated with his questions. How to minimize this?

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| Jul 21, 2016

In sync with Carol here. Get him books on various animals that have almost all the information. Don't think of minimising his thirst of knowledge. My son is quite interested in Dinosaurs -- so much so that he wanted to know about them all when did they exist? why they became extinct, which was the first dinosaur on the earth and so on and so forth! So I got him a book on Dinosaurs and now that is his favourite book. Encourage him to write a diary on the topics related to animals. Ask him to note down the information he gathers from Animal planet and national geographic. Arrange for a group of like minded people so that there is no shutting him up. But Don't think of minimising his thirst of knowledge.

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| Jul 21, 2016

Hi Aparna, It's really nice that your son wants to share his interest. But the only problem is he doesn't have friends with common interest. You can help him satisfy his thirst for knowledge sharing by spending more time with him and listening to him. You can ask him to write in his diary or blogs and you can share his writings with your family members or your friends' children so if they are interested they can write comments and share their thoughts. Buy him a lot of books to find answers to his questions. Find if there is any meetup groups in your area who have interest in animals or you can find a pen pal with common interest. Find a place where he can work close with animals like animal shelters, animal clinic, CUPA, SPCA and volunteer in these places where he can definitely meet people who love and care for animals. Hope this helps.

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