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Vomit and constipation issue with baby

Poornika Singh
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Oct 30, 2015

My baby is 4 and half month old. He has cough. He use to vomit after bottle milk most of the time. Today is 7th day and he is not going to pee. Even not sleeping well at night these days. Any suggestion?

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Poornika singh

| Nov 02, 2015

Thanks Ramya and briju. I have visited my doc yesterday and she suggested me the same domostol drops. I hope it will work. She informed that we need to feed our baby atleast 500-600 ml daily for good growth. I m still wairing for my baby's stool.

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Ramya Sundaram

| Nov 01, 2015

For formula fed babies I have heard giving orange juice might help resolve constipation and digestion problems. Fresh Nagpur orange juice 1 part and water 2 part. Don't give Tropicana etc.. Make it fresh at home.

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ami p

| Oct 31, 2015

Hi I know it's quite worry some when our kids are not fit. Sometimes formula may not suit your baby plea consult your doctor for this and my doc suggests to give domostal drops if vomiting. And if your is not passing pee then she might be not getting enough feed. Please consult doctor ASAP Regards, Briju

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