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Created by Rashim Kumar
Updated on Jun 05, 2017

my baby is 7 months old and I gave her vegetable khichdi to her day before yesterday which had spinach bottle guard and beetroot ..I grinder that and gave it to my baby for the first time. since then her stomach seems to be upset as watever she is having is not getting digested and she vomits it back.. I was been told to give her domstall in every 6 hrs with 1. 6ml ..I gave her twice she improved and I missed the third dose thinking she has recovered but again she vomited. . so just wanted to know if I can continue with domstall even for second and third day also . is it safe to give this medicine to my baby for 2 more daz also... please advice asap...

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| Jun 05, 2017

Hello Rashim, I MAY BE WRONG, but don't give medicines unnecessarily to your child before 1 yr. Don't give all vegetables beginning. Take a cooker , put very small amount of rice that properly cleansed, add a small piece of potato, a small piece pumpkin and a very small piece of carrot. Steam very well. Then smash them nicely. Ask your child's pediatrician if you can add a pinch of salt for the taste. Feed your child.... don't do force feeding. your baby is very small. After 4/5 spoon, take your child on your shoulder and pat her back expecting a burp... then once again feed her. DON'T KEEP YOUR BABY'S TUMMY EMPTY FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME BEFORE LUNCH AND DINNER. Because if she has gas in her tummy as soon as food will reach in her stomach, the gas will come up pushing whatever she eaten already. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR CHILD'S PEDIATRICIAN FOR PROPER GUIDANCE.

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| Jun 05, 2017

Hi Rashim, kindly follow the doctor's instruction. Dont give your baby everything mixed together as some some stuffs suits and some doesnot. So before giving in mixed form just give everything separately to check what suits your baby best .

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