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Kretika Singh

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Jan 22, 2016

Hi my baby s one and half months old.. he vomits more after every feed from last 3week.. I checked with paed.. he prescribed domstal drops.. I gave the medicine.. still he vomits more after every feed and cries a lot... anyone faced the same situation.. any remedies to overcome this?

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Vaishali Khandelwal

| Jan 22, 2016

Even my child do that he is 45 days old as old people say that it's good sing child is gaining weight if he puke milk out .. Burp is important after every feed plz remember while feeding if child sleep he will not burp u need to keep him Upward after feed at lest for 10:15 min ... And if child is taking extra feed still he will take out every thing

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Tejal Singh

| Jan 22, 2016

Hey, Faced similar problem. My pedc also gave domstrol, but was not of much help. I use to keep him bit slant than I use to make my baby burp n then walk around 10 mins. Slowly vomiting decrease with time. Now my vomits less. He is 3mnths. Still it continues consult with pedc agn.

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