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Updated on Jul 27, 2018

my lo is 10 months old,he is very active he never sits or stays at one place he will be crawling here and there picking all the things he is able to stand with support but not without support. my neighbours son who is 1. 5 months younger than my son able to stand without support his mother started putting him in walker from 5 th month onwards. but i never used walker to my son,as i read in parentune blogs that walkers are not safe what i did wrong when wil kids able to stand with out support

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| Jul 27, 2018

hi Chakrala Deepthi ! please avoid comparison as no two kids are same due to difference in their genetic make up and surroundings . even two siblings can be lil bit different from each other. usually babies take first step by 1 year.. one or two months here and there do not matter. what matters is child should be healthy and active in the end. here is a blog u would find useful!

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