Walking problem

1 to 3 years

Created by Karishma Das
Updated on Sep 11, 2015

Hii all Im a little worried as my daughter who will b 15 months nw as nt yet started walking independently. She walks wid support. Also she is little fussy about eating. What variety should I give her so that she eats properly.

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| Sep 11, 2015

About her eating habits, if she has a sweet tooth exploit this factor make dishes as per her taste. Instead of adding sugar, add few drops of honey. u could try custards, kheers of sabudana or rice, sweet vermicelli, pancakes,milk shakes with banana or mango or strawberry. serve her fresh fruits which are rich in natural sugar cut in attractive shapes and decorated on a plate.. have a plate for yourself along with her. if she craves for salty food u could try idli or dosa made from rawa, upma, poha with finely chopped veggies, roll roll Paraanthas with healthy stuffings such as paneer or sprouts, grated carrots or boiled and mashed peas etc. Add color, design and taste to yr dishes with an interesting story with lots of noises of animals and chirping sounds of birds and a bit of drama where a small baby eats it all when her mama served him the same dish and what followed next would be something even she can't resist herself i. e. Lots of praise and hugs and kisses. don't give up if she doesn't give it a shot at first few attempts. I am sure soon she would be a party to yr stories and would actively participate in it by actually tasting it. This journey from tasting it for the first time to having it as part of her meals could be a little challeneging one but definitely rewarding in the end. hope this would work.

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| Sep 11, 2015

Hi Karishma! I am sure yr daughter will be soon on her two's. Till then she would hold on to anything that comes in her way to take support to reach her destination. Don't leave her hand while she is seeking support as she would fall down and fear of falling down would discourage her from walking independently. you could keep her favorite toys like stuff toys or toys which make sound and emit light few steps away at a raised level where her hand could reach. Make sure there are no sharp edges or anything on the way that could hurt her. paise her, hug her even if she is able to walk a few steps. If she is not able to reach her favorite toy,u could make it little closer so that she doesn't get demotivated and finally stop attempting. It is all the more motivating when both parents are involved in helping a child in the learning process . Record her first steps,this will be a memory u would cherish forever.

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