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Created by Ruchi Bhargava
Updated on Oct 12, 2013

Hey my child Aarav is 11 months old, he is walking by support of table n sofa since he was 9 months. He can sit on his own, also crawls on his knees. Pls suggest how can I help him so that he can walk without support. We are eagerly waiting for his 1st step.   I want to know if can help him to do so.

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| Oct 12, 2013

Ruchi... its absolutely fine... as long as child do crawling it helps to strengthen the hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. My son did crawling abt 6 months and he started walking at 1. 3yrs of age. but yes he shud walk within the milestone. Done force child... I know seeing child walking himself... it a great moment for the parent... i hv many videos of my son of his first steps. Do give him required calcium n vitamin d. Rest leave it naturally.

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| Oct 12, 2013

Hi dear Ruchi! Well there is nothing more special than to c ur child take first step. It is very natural for a parent to be excited to wait eagerly for tht moment. Since ur child is absolutely on the track n achieving his milestones at the right time , i am sure within a months time he will be on his feet walking n taking his steps towards u. Now the q arises what shd be ur role to hasten this process. My suggestion would be please dont be in a hurry. Wait for the right time as and when his legs will be strong enough to take his body wt. he will be taking his steps. At the best u cud massage his legs in standing position with oil, 3-4 times in a day, u cud make him stand with support for a very brief pd say few seconds without putting stress on his legs. When he hits his 1st birthday he shd be on his legs. Its an advise not to use walkers, or any other such thing which cud put unnecessary strain on his legs. Hope this helps!

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