want to loose the weight after delivery. my baby will turn to 1 tgis month, became fed up off with my bulky body feel complex while going out, please help me !

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Updated on Jan 06, 2018

my body doesn't give ne the confidence to go outside and hang out, even my husband dont show any attractiveness to me.. sometimes i thought i really did a mistake by giving birth to a child, to become a mumny is pleasure but this changed my life.. please guys help me out from this aurdous situation..

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| Jan 06, 2018

hi Romita! becoming a mother is an honour which not all women get . u r amongst the few chosen ones who have been blessed. as far as yr weight gain is concerned carry it proudly as with this healthy body only u were able to deliver yr baby.. now coming to weight loss it's simple and needs lil determination and exercise. u can loose weight anytime but for child bearing there is age limit after which conception becomes difficult. please consult ur gynaecologist who would guide u about the safe period when u could begin with exercise and follow a strict diet plan.. as far as yr hubby and other people are concerned , it could be just yr apprehensions, weight doenst change the person. u r a beautiful women inside out and do not need suggestions of others.. take care mommy.. here is a blog u would find useful!Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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