want to stop using diaper during sleep in the night

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Feb 27, 2018

my son is 3 yrs 1 month old and iam using diaper for him in the night alone. no issues in the day time. he by himself will go for loo whenever its required. but he doesn't have control during sleep and he wets the bed most of the time. i would like to stop using diaper in the night too. pls help!

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| Feb 27, 2018

hi indhumathi elango! u could make sure that child gets fresh before sleeping, the intake of water or fluids should be less after dinner time. also set a timer for few days when u could help him use the washroom at night.. after few days he will get used to it.. and get independent .here is a video blog u would find useful.

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