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Want to travel with my 11 month old baby for first time

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Created by Paramita Paul
Updated on Mar 23, 2016

Plz hlp.. what precotn do i take for my baby to make a trip in seaside for 1st time.. plzzzz hlp

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| Mar 23, 2016

Thnk u sooo much.. plz suggest what type of precautn should i take during d evening time beside d sea.. should i covr up my babys head..

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| Mar 23, 2016

I have taken my baby to Goa , Bali and Iceland and from my experience there are three primary things you need to be cautious of .. first being the direct exposure to sun which may lead to sun stroke , skin burn so make sure you take special control of your baby being exposed to the sun too much and too directly . Always make sure your baby's head is covered with a cotton cap Second is food and water .. Since your baby is now on solids make sure whatever you are feeding the baby is hygienic. Absolutely no to cut fruits and tap water on the beach or other street food Third of course always remember to carry sufficient stock of medicines , cotton / comfortable clothing , and the fact that you clean the baby thoroughly after coming back from the beach and make sure no sand particles are on the body . Mosquitoes in beach destination may also trouble your baby be careful of those too .. All the best

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