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wants a suggestion.... for my daughter who is too busy in her school. n tutorial.. .hav no. time for play n fun...

3 to 7 years

Created by Sudipta Mishra
Updated on Oct 03, 2016

vacation... from rigours... study

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| Oct 04, 2016

thanks... for ur suggestions

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| Oct 04, 2016

hi Sushreesudipta! how r u! I appreciate your concerns. play is a very important part for overall development of the child. it not only keeps the child physically fit but also contributes to emotional,social, cognitive and language development of the child. is it possible for the child to have her tutorials on alternate day so that she could be relaxed on other days and spend some time in having fun and play. if that's not feasible she could involve herself in some indoor play at home itself to take a half an hour or forty minutes break and get refreshed. she could do any activity of her choice say dance , hoola hoop or skating or even playing with her dolls or kitchen set, puzzles etc. a child from neighbourhood could also be involved so that she has company. u could also spend some exclusive moments with her and do some activity like art and craft or drawing or playing ludo or whatever she pleases. Make max use of weekends and take her to the park or sports club, or for cycling, basket ball or skating etc. hope this helps!

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| Oct 03, 2016

Hi Sushree, how old is your daughter? What tutorials are you talking about here? If it is about studies then sometimes it is better to let the child be and do something on their own.

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