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wants to avoid studying

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Jan 03, 2017

whenever I call him to study he is never intrested in studying .he avoids maths counting and denies to say the counting. abcd also he does not say clearly. P

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| Jan 04, 2017

its ok divya it happen kids they alwayz love ti play n to study ots eeeeeeuuuuui even for us to the point dont call him saying tht lets learn something or v ll do counting no because I think he dont like to sit in o e place for long tym .. change the method of teaching whenever u het tym start humming abc s n slowly start singing abc s dont look at him u urself sing everything holding some of his favourite toys... n whereas counting it s ver easy whenever u cut vegetable or snacks tym do counting with tht snacks or climbing g steps or with his clothes while drying it up or bye picking up his toys .. try to do all his activities by play way method initially avoid him automatically he ll come to learn n stick colour full charts of abc s n nos n many other charts so tht he can see whenever he s nearby to that chart area

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