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Years before a child grows up with a big family where grandma tells stories from their religious beliefs.... they take them to temple or we perform any rituals at our home .... prayers ... ceremonies.... but being in foreign countries the child starts to know about temple run more than a temple . Their outing is visiting malls parties fun cities .when we pray they are not interested or we don't do that.... So was i and one day when i asked my child to pray he literally doesn't know what to do and who are those I'm standing before..... from the next day i started to pray whether he watches me or not... he started to approach me when i start my prayer then he did what I'm doing ..... we just want them to respect prayers and we should not make prayers a business deal like i want toys i want chocolates etc etc.... Switch off the tv and start your prayers say .OM or a chapter from ur holy book and move on .... the child for sure sits next to you and prays with you 'coz he starts to think mommy is doin something and let us tell with her .... Another healthy way is make them to pray before food and before bed ....ask them to say thank u for giving this food and they ll never waste it ... before goin to bed let them thank for the day and let everyone be happy like that.... Prayers are notdeals to give you things you ask for.... it is a way of making them respect food the day parents elders .... ask them to pray for others.... grandpa is not well so can u pray for him to make well? This is the thing you are going to ask him ..... if u don believe in spirituality don store that in him let him think when he gets big's their wish but making them to respect and to make them to stay inside lines is our responsibility As i have said in my first talk you be that what your child wants to be ...wants to do....

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