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Updated on Mar 28, 2020

my child has not touched books since schools are shut. how do I make him study in these times. I am concerned, children would loose a significant period of time and get used to whiling away their time, if this lockdown continues.

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| Mar 28, 2020

I do understand your concern Aman !since teachers can't play their role due to restrictions being put, we parents need to gear up and plan a schedule for our children. Plan in such a way that there is time slot of 2 hours of indoor play, 10-12 hours of rest ,1 hour of gadget time and 3 hours of studies, 1 hour of exercise . Please try and ensure that the child sticks it. Paste the timetable on his desk and check whether he is following it. Go in further detail and let him know what he needs to study. Praise him when he complies to it. also make minimum use of gadgets in front of him. I am sure we all will sail through these difficult times if we manage time well at our level.

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