Watery type vignal discharge. after caserean

Nirmaladeviarumugam A
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Updated on Nov 23, 2015

Am having 4 months baby. July 27 caesarean done for me... from two months onwards am feeling watery discharge from viganal my first two months n delivery time I suffered from severe urinary infection. I took antibiotic .now okay... but past two months onwards watery discharge coming... is it serious problem? Emergency have to take tablet?

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| Nov 24, 2015

Dear Nirmaladevi. Please check with your gynaecologist on this as prolonged discharge is a sign of an infection. its better to get this sorted with the right treatment.

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Niharika Pujara

| Nov 23, 2015

I m also having d same problem but when I mm doingintercourse doc gave med as well fr my husband too

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