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Waxy apples

Neetu Ralhan

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Updated on Mar 29, 2013

hi friends, there is a post that keeps coming up on facebook about apples having a waxy coating to make them appear shiny. This morning, I scraped a shiny (and much expensive) apple with a knife and a layer of a white substance did come off on the knife. Though it wasn't  as much in quantity as is shown in the pictures, however was enough to worry me.   After trying to rub and wash it off, I eventually decided to do away with the peel itself.   Just wanted to share with fellow mums..    

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| Apr 03, 2013

Yes thts the truth all shiny apples are used wax for long storage purposes... I always peal before giving my son.

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Savio Mascarenhas

| Apr 01, 2013

Hi Neetu, Thanks for sharing this info. We will surely watch out.

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| Mar 30, 2013

Oh, never tried that. thanks for sharing :)

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| Mar 29, 2013

Hey Neetu, I remember reading this somewhere too. To unsuspecting people shiny apples looks healthier and tastier. I will make sure to check the apples with a knife too, then wash and wipe them dry before eating. Thanks for sharing this tip.

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| Mar 29, 2013

thanks neetu , i guess my obsession with cleaning and double cleaning the fruits helped i tried the same thing at home and thankfully the appeles were ok... but i am going to watch out for the waxy coating in the future

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