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Created by Ravina
Updated on Jun 17, 2014

My 5 year old daughter has a weak immune system and is prone to sneezing and cough whenever the season changes. How can I improve her immunity?

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| Jun 20, 2014

Hi Ravina. My elder daughter was also diagnosed with the same problem few months back. She is also alergic. Kids syrup based cough and cold medicines did not help her much. Then I met a very good pedeatrician who prescribed her inhalers (non-steroids) and a tablet (Montier-4, pedeatric) for daily consumption. It really help to improve her condition. She still gets sick with cold and cough but not so frequently. Also her condition is not as severa as before. The doctor has suggested to decrease the dose of inhaler graduall till it can be stoped al togather after periodic consultation. So do not worry. It is not an uncommon problem. And it is treatable. As for allergy you will have to take precautions at home and outside from dust and other things that can lead to sneezing. Consult a good pedeatrician who can guide you properly on the treatment. This website can help to understand allergies better.

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| Jun 18, 2014

Hi Ravina, you may also refer to this blog-

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| Jun 17, 2014

Dear Ravina, you may have a read of the following blog for some simple suggestions to help improve your child's immunity. Here is the link:

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| Jun 17, 2014

HI dear Ravina! Ur description tells she has allergic cough. u cud introduce many changes in child's life style such as 1. Give balanced diet which fulfills all nutritional requirements. 2. give plenty of fluids. 3. avoid cold food items. 4. get tests done to reach correct diagnosis. 5. Physical excercise in the form of play or excercise to increase stamina. All these changes could build immunity and prevent frequent episodes of illness. hope this works!

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