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Updated on Jun 26, 2014

My son is 7 years old. He has a very weak immune system, cathes cough cold easily. What can i do to improve his immunity

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| Aug 04, 2017

Hello Priyanka. Cough and cold is common, I got this healthdrink for my child. You can try this -

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| Jul 03, 2014

Hi Prince, You can check with your doctor to start him on some immunity boosting supplements. On the side, ensure he gets a balanced diet of fruits, nuts, seed ,and vegetables etc. Another very important aspect of immunity is exercise and stamina building through outdoor play. too much of stress and keeping him inside the house, is not great for his health. Hope this helps.

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| Jul 01, 2014

To grow immunity power physical activities also help a lot try karate or swimming i tried them there is lot of improvement in my kids health

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| Jun 30, 2014

Yeah... same case was with my son... I started giving homeopathic medicine for immunity... that really works... one more thing... allopathic doctor will never suggest you the same to go for Immunity medicine(experience by me and many more my friends).

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| Jun 27, 2014

Hi Prince! With the growing rarity of nutrition and continuous degradation of the surroundings on a day to day basis, it is perhaps even more challenging to improve child's immunity. We understand your concern Prince, and while fellow parents give suggestions, I would advice reading this article with 7 key tips.

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| Jun 26, 2014

Hi Prince , you may find this blog helpfull-

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