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Created by Roopsi
Updated on Feb 07, 2019

Hello, I started giving formula milk in addition to breast milk to my kid when he was 1 month old (because of cracked nipples and not sure of milk supply). Now he is 5 months old and I am trying to wean bottle and do exclusive breastfeeding since few weeks. But he doesn't accept that. What to do?

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| Feb 08, 2019

Thanks Nita and Shikha for your advice. :)

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| Feb 07, 2019

hi roopsi !babies prefer bottle feed over the breastfeed due to ease of sucking and easy flow. you could feed the breast milk in a dark room when baby is hungry... keep trying and as Nita rightly said with persistent efforts the baby would come around. cracked nipple usually happen due to improper latch. try and hold the baby in proper position and make sure that the whole aerola is in baby's mouth.

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| Feb 07, 2019

it will take time for your child to wean off the bottle. you would need to be persistent and continue to keep him close while feeding. he will latch soon.

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