Weaning plus breastfeeding

Deepika Saboo

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Sep 07, 2015

How important is weaning along with breast feeding? My question means that whenever I wean my baby I also have to breastfeed her at the same time so is this important. She is of 7 months and 10 days? Please do reply as I am facing the same difficulties that I felt when my baby was of 3 months.

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Deepika Saboo

| Sep 19, 2015

Hiii Aanchal I believe all kids are different my baby when fed wit khichdi or dhal or banana or any weaning food and then given breast milk she then goes to sleep or plays and then I am free till 1-2 hours minimum. So, I think it all depends on child to child my baby is satisfied with top weaning plus breastfeeding. Some people might agree to me who are facing the same. If not given at the same time they are still hungry. As weaning is only 2 or may be less spoons. So breast milk is still important.

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Lakshmi Kapoor Verma

| Sep 10, 2015

Not at all .. My 8mo baby is right now getting four semi solid meals in the day .. Rest she is demand breast fed , which means that she is breast fed when she is hungry..

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| Sep 07, 2015

Hi Deepika, No this is not at all required. You can plan the small meals for your baby. Like when u breastfeed your baby, 1 hour later give dalia with curd or cerelac or suji kheer whatever you want to give him. then after about 1. 5 hours breastfeed him and so on...

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