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Tripti Ramola Sood
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Updated on Nov 28, 2015

My child just turned ine year and now I want to wean him off completely because I want to go back and join my work. Its becoming very difficult as he is not eating properly because he knows he will cry and will get breastfeed. During night while sleeping he almost takes my feed around 7-10 times. Kindly help..

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archana j

| Nov 28, 2015

as u want to rejoin ur work so i would suggest dotn do it immediately. like before joining let him make habbit of u being away for few hrs. start with some 1-2 hrs. at that time let some close one take care of him and feed him somethign of his interest. like this u start going out away from him and make him feel that his mama will return shortly. once he get use of this u can rejoin the office also he will get habbit of eating. let him cry for some time on not eating. when he is really hungry will eat whatever is offered to him. bring up children really need lots and lots of patience and tolerance. just try different different ways.. all the best :-)

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