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Updated on Jun 17, 2017

my 2 years daughter was 2. 5 kg when born. now she is 10. 1 kg. does her weight gain proper or any problem. and she takes 2 time bm to sleep once at about 11. 00 am and then at night. She doesn't like to eat anything i have to give her forcefully by engaging her in tv rhymes toys and chit chat. what to do to increase her interest towards food. When feead her food then she takes and after eating half or less then half she refuses to eat. does it means that she had enough or something else

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| Jun 17, 2017

hi Sheetal Dhiman! I do understand your concerns! she is just borderline for her weight. that's okay. make sure meal time is loaded with positivity around. make her sit on a high chair, serve lil bit to her in a plate to feed herself. also feed her along. have background music , happy ambience so that u both r relaxed and she looks forward to feeding time. narrate her a story with a happy end, show her picture books or keep on chatting with her , I am sure she would enjoy her meals seeing u relaxed. also don't forget to keep her choice in mind and avoid force feeding her. give small frequent meals. please have a look at this blog. Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too: hope this helps!

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