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Created by Shrenik Bafna
Updated on Aug 08, 2015

Hi all, my baby is 10 month old now.. I am quite worried about weight gain.. She was born with 3. 6 kg of weight.. But now she is just 7. 4 kg.. So she looks like quite thin and her height is 70 cm.. Plhelp...

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| Aug 27, 2015

Hi Neenu,I am facing the same problem. My daughter is 1. 5 yrs ,bt she do not like anything except breast feed. I tried each & every thing in salt or sweet taste. Her birth weight ws 3. 7 kg now she is just 9. 8 kg & 75 cm height. m worried for her health... what is did for ur kid.. pls share in detail

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| Aug 11, 2015

Hi dear even my baby is 10mths old,for ur baby feed every 3hourly with energy dense food like add ghee and dryfuit powder to her khichdi ,add fruits in her porridge, dates and jaggery.

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| Aug 11, 2015

Hi , dear I have faced similar issues with my baby. She was with quite normal weight but then weight was slow and stagnant for many months. The problem was with eating. She did not tk liquid food like khicdi , cerelac , etc.. Neither banana no other fruit. But I kept trying . I changed paed but no help. Make her eat . Try diff things nd flavours. I used to give her cerelac in milk bottle jus pinned a bigger hole of nipple. Do not take stress . Be happy . Take her out .. Change her environment.. All the best

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| Aug 10, 2015

Although u haven't said anything about ur kids eating habits like is she having any health issues.. or regurgitation or is she not willing to eat... but..... persuading kids to eat is a tough job try shakes if she likes milk.. also if kids are anemic they don't gain wt... get her hb checked

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| Aug 09, 2015

Hai for better weight gain try giving fruits like chikoo , banana...

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