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Created by Preethi R
Updated on Apr 13, 2017

hi my daughter is one nd half months old. she was 3. 6 during birth. she is 4. 78 nw... dint gain enough weight I feel since ma first son gained one kg per month. iam doing nly breastfeeding. wat to do to pulp up her weight

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| Apr 13, 2017

hi thanks. doc said its normal gain nly. she is active and passing pee 10 to 13 times a day

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| Apr 13, 2017

Hi Preserving usual weight gain is 30 gms per day . Baby to baby will differ u don have to worry. Is ur milk sufficient for ur baby? Wat did ur pediatrician advise u on this ? My daughters weight gain was slow and steady as long as ur baby is active .

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