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Updated on Apr 12, 2018

Hi my son is 4 years 10 months old. he is not gaining weight as par his age doctor said he is 4 kg under weight he is eating well but still not gaining what to do

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| Aug 09, 2018

Hi preity, give her balanced food, nuts, fruit,paneer, chicken, egg, fish,wholegrain, and suppliment like pediasure it wll surely help u in growth & height development.

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| Aug 01, 2018

you can try new Pediasure, it helps in gaining weight. It has all 37 nutrients in it that help in brain development and strength immunity. Kids are liking new cookies and cream flavor. I'm sure it will work for your baby.

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| Apr 25, 2018

My son is also a fussy eater. It used to be a problem for me when we used to go out for trips or malls. Recently someone suggested immuno boosters from Cipla. I was hesitant to give first. but when i started givng he loved it and now whenever we go out,i take two to three immuno booster sachets with me. works well with.

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| Apr 13, 2018

He is eating well is good but he is intaking nutritions food?. Give him fully nutritional food like leafy veggies, egg and protein rich food along that I recommend him activkids immunobooster chocobite. Its very much required for him

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| Apr 12, 2018

hi Preity Brahmbhatt ! here is a blog on weight gaining tips . please go through the link given below.कैसे-करें-बच्चों-के-वजन-में-बढ़ोत्तरी/2826?ptref=sa0l000030g026i

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