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Updated on Nov 02, 2015

Hi my lo is completing her 7th month. But her weight is 6. 5kg only from last 1month she has not gain any weight. I'm so worried about her.. Planning to start cerelac. Will it help to gain weight. She is on formula feed.

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| Nov 06, 2015

Hi anupama and indu, thank for ur suggestions ihv already started semi solid banana puree, ragi, suzi, daal etc a month thn also c is not graining. Other wise she is very active but don't understand your she is gaining?

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| Nov 05, 2015

hi , my second kid also is in 7th month and only 6 kg and has not increased in weight since last 2 months,, doc suggested to start with nestum rice and then with first bites ragi.. she has been a fussy eater all through out.. i have started with nestum rice,,, will be starting the ragi soon... may be u could try this.. if u try a new food , until next 5 days don't try another new.. add another new food only after 5 days

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| Nov 04, 2015

Thanks Dear

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| Nov 03, 2015

Hello Kash.. I cn undrstd ur concern on weight gain bt pls consult ur baby doc fr dis as well Smtimes babies look slim bt r v active n free frm infections.. weight gain is related to baby genetic makup as well.. since ur baby is already 7 mths u cn start wid solids (3 meals a day) wich cn include fruits,veggies,dal khichdi,sooji kheer n many othr light dishes... jst mak sure dat baby is eatin well n drinkin milk as per hunger n is achievin all d milestones on tym Njoy parenthood

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