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Jun 16, 2013

My 13 months old son is losing weight. By the completion of 12 months he had right weight 9. 9 kg, 76 cms. After he started walking he is losing weight. And bcoz of climate change he had fever, vomitings and loose motions due to which he has lost 1/2 kg. Is this common that they lose weight once start walking??  What should I give him to maintain right weight gain??? i give him ragi malt, rice twice. ( with paalak,carrot,potato n dal), apple n cerelac.   Please suggest if anything to be given???     

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| Jun 20, 2013

Thank you AM ?

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Priya Lokesh

| Jun 18, 2013

Hi Karuna , Kids tend to loose weight when they fall sick so 1/2 to 1 kg here & there is fine , continue giving healthy food till they bounce back to their original weight ...but a drastic weight loss of 2 kgs or more is a red alert where you have to consult a physician immediatly.. stay focused .

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| Jun 17, 2013

Thank u soo much dyuti and gaurima :-)

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| Jun 16, 2013

Dear Karuna. Dyuti has rightly suggested that children shed weight quickly during illness and they gain back the lost weight soon. Focusing on keeping the baby healthy and disease free is probably the best way to ensure appropriate growth and weight gain.

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| Jun 16, 2013

Hi Karuna. Babies tend to lose their baby fat as they start to get mobile. So your baby could be losing some weight as he started walking but also because of his illness. Once he regains his health, his weight should go back on track. I have seen my children lose weight very quickly especially when ill, but it all comes back once they feel better. Continue giving him healthy and fresh food and he will be ok. Take care.

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