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Updated on Sep 29, 2015

My daughter is 2 years old, she weights only8. 4 kg. She has been kind of sick often since she was 4 months old, had some digestive issues had to visit doc every month due to diarrhea, mucus and blood in stools until she was 1. After that she it reduced but was not gaining much weight, I had tried giving her all fruit juices, milk, cheeses and potatoes, no use she will just vomit it next minute. I had been giving her cows milk with junior horlicks, past 2 months she fell sick, doc says milk is not digest able and I have stopped it. He had recommended pediasure. She is cries while drinking it, now she likes only tropicana juice that too mixed fruit flavour. Tried giving her fresh juice she just pushes the cup, and doesn't eat fruits also. Doesn't chew the food. Please help. I want to know if homeopathy is helpful

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| Sep 30, 2015

Hi Jeniffer Allen! How r u? Oh!this could be due to milk allergy. Sometimes children take this msg in, whatever they eat can make them puke. So they outrightly reject by puking, the minute food goes in as their mind is not letting them accept it and give them unpleasant signals. It is advisable to try again and this time in a different setting say yr balcony or in a park or any other pleasant situation. May be u could serve in attractive plates or sippers different from regular ones. Also u could try wrapping food in foil/wrapping paper so as to avoid child from seeing it. It is usually advisable to avoid diverting mind while feeding but in this case to help the child from being averse to food, u could give her toys to play with or puzzles or dolls etc. I am saying this as once she would stop taking food as something unpleasant only then can we proceed with serving her nutritious varieties of food. Build stories around food, how her favorite cartoon character also has it and has become strong. Avoid scolding her for not giving it a try. Gradually with changes in serving style, size and variety plus praise and love she should accept it. Also avoid giving packed juices as they are filling, unhealthy and have loads of sugar. U could fill half a glass with fresh mixed fruit juice and serve her in an attractive sipper in a different setting once in a day. Gradually proceed to fruits cut in the shape of a star or a smiley. U could make smiley idli or a dosa as sun, or atta noodles as rapunzel's hair. 3P's Praise Patience and perseverance should work well in this case.

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| Oct 12, 2015

Hi Jennifer... I completely agree with what Shikha has advised. I would like to add that never ever force feed your child... any instance or any history of forced feeding will only add on to your woes and make the matter worse for you. do not lose your patience and get irritated or angry with your child. You also need to find out if there is any other medical cause for this. Do consult your doctor if other measures do not help. if you need any other help please feel free to contact me at drsneha231@yahoo. com

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