Wethr to use bottles or not

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Created by Anisha Gupta
Updated on Jan 10, 2016

My son is 2 months n i hav started using bottle when he was 15 days. But every1 says me to stop using bottles. Is it ok to use bottles? He is completely on my feed. I take out milk using n electric pump n feed him thru bottle coz if i feed him directly from my breasts he drinks only for 5 mi s then sleeps. That way he is always hungry

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| Jan 12, 2016

Hi anisha... my baby got introduced to a bottle when he was 4 days old as my perineal stitches came apart and I couldn't feed him properly. But never ever has he gone through nipple confusion. He is on my milk completely now with just an occasional bottle feed when I'm asleep or away for any urgent work ( I'm a practising dentist) . I don't think it's an issue and you could try it out .if your baby doesn't like it he will let you know for sure and then you can decide better. Babies are much smarter than what we credit them with :) all the best .

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| Jan 11, 2016

Hi Anisha... they say if you introduce bottle,the baby gets confused while sucking as both the nipples are different.. and also later it is difficult to wean the baby off bottle. So it's best if you breastfeed him, try a few tricks on your baby to stay awake.. whichever works for you! All the best! :)

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| Jan 11, 2016

Hi Anisha, My doctor said not to use bottle, whereas my mil suggested that my baby should have the habit of bottle as we may sometime need to take them out and if we don't find place for feeding bottle can be used. You can keep feed your LO once a time by bottle. (Now my baby don't take bottle :( ). And for baby sleeping during feeding, its normal, my does the same, so when my LO sleep I tickle him on his feet or hand and again he start takung milk or keep him on bed after sometime when he gets awake I again start whole exercise. :p

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