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What all to teach a 4 year old boy

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Updated on Jul 19, 2016

My son will turn 4 this october. I want to know what all should I teach him at this age apart from the basics he learns at school. I also want him to start speaking in English. How do I begin. Your suggestions are welcome.

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| Jul 21, 2016

Hi Roopshree, Your son can learn 1) self-help skills such as buttoning up shirts, brushing teeth, washing hands before eating, 2) chores like cleaning up the spill, putting away his toys and books, folding napkins/ hand towels, putting the trash in the bin and not littering 3) conversational skills like greetings, saying hello,thanks, sorry, replying politely, Looking in the eye while speaking 4) safety measures - knowing to stay away from dangerous things like fire, spray, medicine bottle, electrical socket/ wire, Knowing the house address or at least the street name and house number, one parent's phone no, any emergency numbers (at least 100), to cross the roads, not to talk to strangers, staying away from any vehicles, stay away from the danger zones around the vehicle (i. e danger zones are near the wheels and the blind spots in the front and the rear of the vehicle where the driver can't see, and certain distance (1m) from the sides of the vehicle), learning to get down safely from the vehicle (not bending down to pick up any thing he drops but ask for adults' help), not accepting things from strangers, informing a parent before going with anyone, good touch/ bad touch 5) skills required when in group- such as sharing, taking turns, no pushing/ shoving, playing safely and nicely 6) other skills such as learning to stay focused on one activity (through any form of art), respecting elders (being polite, use appropriate words while talking, listening to elders), identifying emotions and to name the emotion and feelings(feeling frustrated, sad, disappointed, excited, anxious, happy etc), empathy - taking care of animals (feeding birds, giving food for stray animals, at least know that animals have feelings and they too can feel the pain) and people around us (helping pick up something when dropped, giving alms to the poor, holding the door), respecting materials (yours, others and public and not being destructive). Hope this list helps.

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| Jul 20, 2016

Hi Roopshree,there are many things that children are not getting in school, like listening, try to teach him how to listen in school and others views goes hand in hand with listening,but the art of conversation is something taht is not taught at school. Teach him how to build conversation.

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