what are the healthy diets for a pregnant lady


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Updated on May 17, 2016


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| May 22, 2016

Hi Jasleen, many congratulations on your pregnancy dear, drink lots of water and juices... try taking pomegranate juice if you don't have any digestion issues. Always try to have fresh food

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| May 18, 2016

Hello. Congratulations! You can have almost everything that you feel like in moderation unless your doctor says otherwise. Some things you can take care of are : firstly make sure you are well hydrated.. juices, milkshakes, water include them in your diet. Secondly, have less spicy and oily food as it can cause heartburn in later weeks of pregnancy. Thirdly include nuts walnuts, soaked almonds.. raisins help too.. have small meals every 2 hrs.. do light exercises after consulting your doctor.. stay calm stay happy.. enjoy these moments with your baby they are priceless.. all the best!!

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