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Updated on Dec 20, 2016

hi. my son Mayuresh 8. 9 years. Always saying that I don't want to study or go to school. Not listening on a single instruction. Always absent minded. He has late birth cry history. Child Psychologist tells that he is suffering lack of eye hand CO ordination. But now a days he lost so many things in school such as ereaser pencil notebooks daily. Not able to remind his homework. Even we are following foods that physiologist suggested. Also join him to badminton and drowing for improvement in concentration. But I m not obeserving any growth . I m very nervous and care about him. I don't understand how to handle him . plz guide me. Plz...

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| Dec 20, 2016

Hi Nayna, I can understand your concern but please take heart that any progress in this case, will be a slow process. In the meantime just be patient and don't lose heart.

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