What is the right time to ask kids to sleep in a separate room??Please suggest some tips also regarding how can the child be motivated to sleep separately.

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 15, 2017

Sleeping in separate room.

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| Sep 15, 2017

hi Sonjita Dey ! views can differ on this . some people would want to wait till the child is 3+ or 4+ while there are others who would not mind making the baby sleep separately from the beginning itself. u could prepare the child for sleeping in a separate room by arranging her room with her help. for instance, organizing a corner wherein she can keep her toys, dolls , place a study table for studying, organize a wrack where in she can keep her books. have her bed and bed cover with fav disney princess characters on it. if possible with her help draw her fav cartoons on the wall or she could make a collage with family pics and her pics with her favorite moments on one of the walls. all that would make her feel connected to the room and she would love to spend time there with her favorite things around her. hope this helps!

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