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what is the right to send a child in play way school

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Sep 05, 2015

what is the right age to send a child in play way school. I admit my child in play way when he was 2. 3 month but still he is not adjusting in school and crying a lot. from 10 days he is going to school. When it is time to go to school then he gets too depressed and start crying.

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| Sep 05, 2015

All babies react differently when put in school,,some settle immediately while others like yours and mine take a while,,2 years+ children can be put in playschool,,dont worry if he cries,,almost all children do,,like mine took about 15 to 20 days to get stettled,,but now she really enjoys her playschool,,try not to linger on for more time when u drop him to school,,the more you stay the more he will want to come with you,,encourage him to play with other children or new toys or slides,,always reassure him that you will come to pick him up soon,,parent separation and anxiety to new atmosphere is why he cries,,but he will get over with it soon,

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| Sep 07, 2015

Hello Anu Shree I feel it would do wonders if you start talking about the school and the teachers in front of your child very often. Let her feel that even the school is one of the most comfortable place she can be. Talk about teacher and what do they teach.. praise her teacher in front of her. My child is only 2. 2 year old but I mentally prepare him everyday that we have to go to school.. I hope she will also start taking interest and will feel excited to go to school.

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