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What preparations should I do to make my babies comfortable in mother's absence.


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Mar 14, 2013

Dear parents,   I got a job and I am planning to attend a training for the comming 10 days.  What preparations should I do to make my babies comfortable in my absence.  I have two babies, daughter 2 and half years old and son is 10 month old.

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| Mar 18, 2013

hey Dimple , children need structure and routine , if the routine that they are used to follow is maintained they get less cranky. You could make a list of all that you do with your children on a regular day and let your husband and mum in law pick their share from the list. Also in today's day and age of technology it is easy to keep in touch through phone and skype. When ever i travel , i make sure that i skype with my daughter before she goes off to sleep at the end of the day and reassure her of my love and the time that i will take to get back to her. Also it is very important to bring a thankyou goodie for your husband and mum in law :-)

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| Mar 16, 2013

I am leaving for a period of 10 days for a training. My babies will be with my husband and mother-in-law. He is planing to take leave for a week. Thank you for the suggestion.

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| Mar 14, 2013

Hi Dimple. Congratulations on your new job. It may be heartbreaking to keep your children away from you for hours at a stretch. May I ask who will be looking after them while you are at work? If it is family or a nanny, you could make a list of their schedule- nap times, snack times, meal times, what they prefer to eat when, how often your baby needs a diaper/nappy change, things to avoid especially food etc. You may explain to your daughter that you will be away from home everyday, that you have joined a new office and will spend time with her and her brother once you return home. Once your training starts and when you need to leave home, please try and keep goodbyes short and quick even if they are sad. I was told by my daughter's play school teacher that the longer we spend time with them when saying bye for the day, the more difficult it becomes for them to settle down after once leave. You could try and spend some quality time with them once you return home. This way both of them will know that you will come back in the evenings and will look forward to spending time with you. Take care and All the best :)

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