what solid food i should give at 8 month of my baby.

Arpita Kundu
0 to 1 years

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Updated on Jan 26, 2016

My son is 8 month old... i am giving him boiled mixed vegetables and rice in solid food... what else i can give at this age.

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Mansi Vakharia

| Jun 30, 2016

fruits,oats , dal khichdi,idli,upma juice etc.

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Anupama Sheregar

| Jan 26, 2016

Hi arpita.. now is an ideal tym fr u to introduce new n variety foods.. Start wid dal khichdi ( moong dal if u jst startin nw) smtimes plain or smtimes wid veggies.. Thn moong dal soup wid veggies is nutritious meal.. suji kheer or suji upma is gud brkfast mrng or eve.. include one fruit a day atleast either banana, chikoo, Apple etc.. try feedin him soft chapatis lil bites to mak him use to chewin.. u cn soak it in liquid dal or curry n feed Slowly by nxt fw mths he vil demand food u eat at ur meal times :)

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