What to do in coughing and viral times for babies around 2

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Feb 09, 2018

People are often confused about the treatment when a baby gets cold. Many people say that a child should be left without medicine till his activities are not dull. If he is active, taking food normally, he will be ok by his own. I left my baby without medicine and just giving vikoryl for fever, but the things increased. Then I took her to the paeditrician and a course of medicines passed for a week. She got well, but coughing remains. From 2 days she vomitted cough for 3 times, but is it normal? I then took her today to a homeopathic as these things have re occur many times. I have few questions in mind - - How to know between viral or bacterial cold - When is the time to show to a doctor - Is homeopathy the better way - When actually to worry

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| Feb 09, 2018

hi Amit Ahuja ! viral infection doesn't need any medicine other than giving symptomatic relief, it gets alright within a week. the symptoms would be runny nose , watery eyes, fever , etc.. while in bacterial infection there will be yellow or greenish discharge in sputum or nasal discharge ,high grade fever, vomiting, etc.. this would need antibiotics to get relief. homeopathy doesn't give immediate relief.. though it is mild and has less side effects for child.

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