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What to feed my 1 year old daughter apart from dal rice khicdi

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Updated on Apr 09, 2016

I need to know other food options that I can give to my 1 yr old daughter apart from khichdi made from dal rice and vegetables. I add tomatoes, potato, spinach, beans etc in her khicdi and blend it.

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| Apr 10, 2016

Hi. By this age she should be able to eat almost everything that you eat. If you are blending her khichadi in a mixer then you should stop doing that immediately. By now she should start chewing her food. But if she doesnt, don't worry. Start mashing her food by hand and feed her. Slowly move towards clunker food. Don't worry she will take her own time to learn how to chew. Do not force her. Gradually move from pureed food to chunky food. I am still struggling with my 14 month old son for this. But I have also seen just 10 months old babies happily chewing and enjoying their food. Apart from khichadi you can give many things to her. Offer her variety in each meal. For example Breakfast 1. Oats porridge with mashed dates or any other fruit 2. Sooji kheer 3. Ragi porridge 4. Sabudana kheer If she starts to chew 5. Besan chila with curd 6. Veg upma 7. Idli Lunch and dinner 1. Dal rice and mashed vegetables 2. Break chapati into very small pieces and soak it in dal. Keep changing dal and vegetables everyday. Avoid giving cabbage and cauliflower. Do not add green chillies to her food. Instead add very little red chilli powder to introduce her to spices. Rest of the masalas also preferably should be subtle and gradually keep increasing them by watching how she reacts to masalas. All the best with feeding her and let us know how she is enjoying new taste and texture now. ☺☺☺☺☺☺

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| Apr 11, 2016

Thanks Deepshikha. This has been very helpful. I do blend her food but not to the same extent as i used to do before. I agree kids take their own time to get there.. I will surely start with dates, chila, idlis and all. Thanks again! :)

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