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what to teach my 3. 5 year old

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Updated on Sep 27, 2016

almost 13 mths back my child started speaking after that I noticed that he has a thirst for learning and not interested in other activity. how I am going out of things to teach him. recently it took 1 month to learn the solar system and now I thought to teaching him countries name but he is loosing interest should I teach him some thing else or is it too much for him or I am not able to greater a nice story line to keeps his interest. what else I can teach him

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| Sep 27, 2016

Hi Surabhi, it is good to hear that your son has a thirst for knowledge and enjoys learning. You are doing a good job of teaching him as well, however do remember that a child as young as your son has a small attention span. So whatever you want to teach him ensure that it is being done in a way that he learns and doesn't realise that he is being taught. For instance if you want to teach him about countries teach him during sports competition like football, cricket and hockey -- where you may teach him about cities, states and countries. In fact that's how I taught my little one all about states and their capitals, countries and their currencies.

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