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What to wear for school ??

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Created by Bhavna
Updated on Jul 31, 2012

I have a problem every morning with my daughter about what to wear for school ( since her school does not have a uniform ) I am tired of a tantrum everyday … what do I do ??

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| Aug 03, 2012

i like the two tips...

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| Aug 03, 2012

Hey Payal , i have managed to designate a set of clothes that are school appropriate and we had a great conversation where i emphasized the importance of wearing pants / capri ' s to school rather than skirts or dresses ( as they protect the knees every-time one falls while playing) and she pretty much got the picture . Now every morning she picks the clothes herself but only from the ones that are already designated school appropriate... she feels really grown up since she is taking the call on what to wear and not me ... all in all i am happy and the tantrums have stopped...

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| Aug 02, 2012

Oh isnt it much easier to have a proper uniform? However, the bright side is, your daughter can let lose her creativity and fashion sense in choosing the right clothing every week. Here are a couple of suggestions which might help you. 1. Set rules which both will abide by. Like whats allowed and whats not allowed. Children understand rules and your kid will be happy to be part of a democratic process where she can participate in making the rules. 2. Do the choosing in the weekend itself. Take the options out, make her choose every days set and keep them apart. Then you have to just pull out the chosen set on that day and dress her up. No more tantrums!

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