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What toothpaste to buy ??

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Sep 14, 2012

  How do i decide what toothpaste i should buy for my 4 years old ? Can i shift him to a regular sized brush?

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| Sep 14, 2012

Tooth paste for children ,well there are certain good companies like oral -B, chicco, pigeon which can be used for such small kids,although the quantity of paste should be absolutely minimal as the kids at this age cannot even spit. so any good standard company's paste indicated for kids is alright to use. I feel kids brushing is more effective when the brush head is small ,so till 9-10 years even if a child is using a kids brush no harm,but the brush should be changed every month. Even once you shift the child to an adult brush like I said please choose a small brush head.

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